TELEVISION _______________________________________________________ 
Conan Featured TBS
HBO Presents: Funny Or Die Guest Star HBO
The Last 10 Seconds Of Lost Guest Star Comedy Central
FILM ____________________________________________________________
President Brown Lead Independent
Thesis Film Lead Independent
Death & Times of Xan Rollins Lead Independent
COMMERCIAL _____________________________________________________
Nissan Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
Pepto Bismol Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
Assassin's Creed (VG) Lead Dir. Harold Einstein
Yahoo! Featured Dir. Samuel Bayer
Hardee's/Carl's Jr. Lead Dir. Peter Care
INTERNET _________________________________________________________
The Size of Texas Lead Funny Or Die
Capt. America: Bully Scene Lead Dir. Clint Gage
Meatloaf Lead Dir. David Love
Chicago And Me Lead Funny Or Die
Adulterers Lead Funny Or Die
Good Charlotte: Last Night Featured Dir. Josh Martin
Tron: Holiday Special Featured Funny Or Die
Juggalo News Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
Sex Offender Shuffle Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
Beatles 3000 Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
Awesome Prizes Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
My Super Sweet Funeral Lead Dir. Scott Gairdner
TRAINING _________________________________________________________
Theatrical ________________________ Margie Haber, Los Angeles, CA
___________________________________ Philip Karr, Orlando, FL
Commercial ________________________ Bob Luke, New York, NY
Improv ____________________________ UCB, Los Angeles, CA
SPECIAL SKILLS ____________________________________________________
Improv - Firearms - Football - Boxing - Guitar - Video Games
- Being Awesome

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